Code article : 156656

Product variants

Article DN dn Angle Length Height Width Weight
156656 100 - - 385 260 274 13.8

All dimensions are in mm and nominal weights are in kg

Technical infos & product description

Product description

Recommended use :

  • Rainwater
  • Gravitary

Major benefits :

  • Additional value to the buildings due to round or fluted esthetic appearance of the Residential drainage solution.
  • Low maintenance due to the best in class resistance to shocks and crushing.
  • Long lifetime with high resistance to climatic stresses due to the zinc coating and the low thermal expansion coefficient of cast iron.
  • High level of fire safety.
  • Easiness of installation due to the push-fit assembly system.

Technical infos

The average height of the fall for Residential (Type R) is 2 to 5 times higher than for other products. Up to an average drop height of 2 m, the Residential (Type R) deform while the other products have cracked.

Coating description :

  • External coating :
    • beige light color (RAL 7032), water based coating of 40 μm
    • Anti-corrosive layer: flame applied zinc metal coating of 130gr/m2 in average
  • Internal coating : water based coating of 40 μm
  • Material : Cast-iron made with De Lavaud process
  • Industry product standards : EN 12056
  • Range Fire Classification : A1
  • Acoustic Performance :
  • Percentage of Recycled Content : 97%
  • Recycling Information : 100% Recyclable